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Rapper The Game ordered to pay $7.1M over sexual battery assault by a former cast member from dating show

22 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Springfield, IL, United States (4E) – The rapper The Game was ordered by a federal jury to pay $7.1 million after a former cast member of his reality dating show filed a sexual battery lawsuit against him.

The dating show was called “She’s Got Game” and aired on VH1 . The woman, identified as Priscilla Rainey, was a contestant on “She’s Got Game” and as per her lawsuit, she said that The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, conspired with the producers of the show to force her to go on a date at an Illinois sports bar. She pointed out in her lawsuit that she thought the date was mandatory as per the reality dating show.

This incident took place when the show was being filmed last May 2015. While at the sports bar, she said that Taylor inappropriately touched her genital area as well as her buttocks numerous times. She filed the lawsuit in August of 2015.

This is not the first time that Taylor got himself in trouble with the law. Also in 2015, Taylor was arrested on charges of criminal threats. He turned himself in after he was alleged of punching an off-duty police officer while they were playing a game of basketball. He posted a $50,000 bail and was released later.

In 2014, Taylor, together with rapper T.I. got into a standoff against the Los Angeles Police Department officers. This took place at a parking lot near the Supperclub in Los Angeles. Accordingly, Taylor and T.I. thought that their friends got into an altercation with police officers. It turns out that their friends were having an argument with the club’s security team. No arrests were made during that time.

More on the payment, the attorney of Taylor, Jack Cummins, said that they will be appealing the order.

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