Rihanna, Drake have a baby pact: report

31 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Rihanna and Drake are said to be working on parenthood as a new report says that the two are planning to have a baby even though they are not romantically involved as they had a “baby pact.”

The 29-year-old rapper and the 28-year-old “Work” singer have collaborated on a lot of music together in the past and most recently and now they are reportedly talking about having a child.

Rihanna reportedly started to think about having a baby of her own after her cousin, Noella Alstom , had a daughter named Majesty back in 2014. Rihanna and Drake are rumored to be an on-again-off-again hookup partners but the two have never publicly confirmed it. They are also longtime friends.

An insider shared, “Rihanna really has the mommy urge, and Drake is completely on board with the idea. They’ve talked about how cute their kids would be. They know they’ll be forever linked if they have a child, and they are ok with that.”

The insider added that Rihanna thinks Drake is a grown man and he is responsible as comparted to the previous men she has been with such as Chris Brown. The source added, “She thinks he’ll make the perfect dad. They’ve talked about having adjoining mansions in Barbados so they could co-parent and hook up whenever they wanted.”

Rihanna’s “Anti” tour has been having a lot of surprise guests and Drake has been one of those. He has been present in most of her concerts and the two do not disappoint as they always give heated performances.

The two are yet to comment on the validity of these reports.