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Roman Reigns suspended from WWE, reportedly violated wellness policy

21 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Roman Reigns, a WWE superstar, has been suspended by the company as he reportedly violated the talent wellness policy.

Reigns has received a 30-day suspension on Tuesday and is effective immediately. Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anao’i , has been suspended for the first time. The wellness policy was implemented by WWE last February 2006. There were no specific details, however, as to what Reigns violated and WWE also did not give out any information about the matter although both parties announced it on Twitter. Many are speculating that it is possible he used marijuana or steroids thus the suspension.

Reigns tweeted the following: “I apologize to my family, friends and fans for my mistake in violating WWE’s wellness policy. No excuses. I own it.” WWE’s Twitter page also released a statement saying:

“WWE has suspended Roman Reigns.”

The suspension of Reigns has disappointed a lot of fans as the wrestler has been beating other wrestlers in the past weeks such as AJ Styles and has been part of explosive matches. However, he lost his title at the “Money In The Bank” segment last June 19. Reigns will be taking on his next opponent and redeeming himself after a month.

Reigns has also defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 32. He is a three-time WWE world heavyweight champion, a one-time WWE tag-team champion, and the 2015 Royal Rumble winner.

Other WWE stars who have been suspended due to the same matter are Raymond Leppan and Ryan Parmeter . Both were suspended for 60 days for their second violations.