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Ryan Lochte tries to redeem self after Rio scandal, rumored to be joining ‘DWTS’ S23

25 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Ryan Lochte is reportedly trying to turn his life around after the Rio scandal he has been infamous for as he is rumored to be joining “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23.

The U.S. Olympic swimmer was reportedly offered to do the show. He is not the only U.S. swimmer offered for “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23 as Michael Phelps was offered for the second time but he declined. ABC spokesperson George Zaralidis said that they will not be commenting on the rumor and the representatives for Lochte are not saying anything as well. The full line-up will be announced in “Good Morning America” this Tuesday.

However, sources are saying that ABC initiated the talks with Lochte even before the Olympics started. They also continued to talk with him and his representatives after the messy Rio robbing scandal. Sources are saying that Lochte and ABC had a smooth deal that he will really be seen in “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23.

Another source added of Lochte joining “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23, “This is all part of a well-orchestrated and carefully planned career redemption tour being organized by some of the best public relations advisers and crisis managers in the business. His people know that if the real Ryan Lochte is shown to America — via a medium such as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ — people will realize that the incident in Rio was an aberration.”

A representative for Lochte said that the swimmer is not planning to do anything big as of now and he will be taking a break from swimming. Lochte is reportedly overwhelmed with what has happened to him in the past days.

Aside from Lochte , talk show host Amber Rose is reportedly joining “Dancing With The Stars” Season 23.