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Sarah Jessica Parker’s new HBO show ‘Divorce’ does not reflect her own marriage

6 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – Sarah Jessica Parker has a new HBO show and it is entitled “Divorce” but the “Sex and the City” actress said it does not reflect her marriage to Matthew Broderick.

Parker plays the role of Frances in “Divorce” whose marriage is falling apart. Parker was at the New York City premiere of the show and she talked about playing the character of someone who is in a troubled relationship. She shared, “What I do on screen doesn’t cross the placenta, do you know what I mean? I play all sorts of parts that I suppose one would wonder — but that’s my job, that’s what’s interesting to me, that’s why I wanted to tell this story and that’s why I was originally interested in this idea and finding writers who could create a tone and an environment and a landscape that would be interesting and exciting.”

The 51-year-old also noted that she is able to keep her professional and private life separate but she loves being consumed by the part she is playing. She noted that she does not relate to her character in “Divorce” as she feels the woman is undergoing something so specific. Although she separates private and work life, Parker revealed that her husband has been helpful since they throw lines at each other for “Divorce.” The partner of Parker in “Divorce” is played by Thomas Haden Church.

Broderick shared his thoughts on “Divorce” saying that he feels it was not that mean but it was bad-tempered. He also described the show as not sadistic and is comfortable to watch because it is both funny and human. He also said that the show exposes the uglier sides of marriage.

He then went on to talk about humor being important in their family. The two have three children together, 13-year-old James and seven-year-old twins, Loretta and Tabitha. Broderick said that humor is a great diffuser with their children.

“Divorce” premieres Sunday at 10 P.M. on HBO.