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Security measures during J’Ouvert festival in Brooklyn did not prevent violence, two dead and two injured

6 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Brooklyn, NY, United States (4E) – Despite the increased security measures at this year’s J’Ouvert festival, two people have been killed and two were injured.

The yearly J’Ouvert festival has been tarnished with violence for years now and before this year’s event took place, police officials in New York as well as city officials announced different security measures to assure that the festival goers will be safe. There have been 21 shootings recorded and other violent acts for the past 10 years that the J’Ouvert festival has been celebrated.

The number of police officials deployed at the J’Ouvert festival, which is a celebration of West Indian heritage, was doubled this year and there were security cameras installed, and a gun buyback program was implemented. Police officials also gave out fliers that read: “Do not shoot anyone. Do not stab anyone.”

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said in a statement, “In spite of those high hopes, we had an unfortunate tragedy once again.” Last year, a lawyer in the administration of Gov . Andrew M. Cuomo was killed. The two people killed this year are Tyreke Borel , a 17-year-old teen who was shot in the chest, and Tiarah Poyau , a 22-year-old woman who was shot in the face.

The two shootings this year at the J’Ouvert festival took place a block away from each other on Empire Boulevard. For those injured, police officials said that one is a 20-year-old man and the other is a 72-year-old woman. Both are expected to survive.

Bratton also said that one of the elements that led to the shooting was because the attendees were not required to pass through security checkpoints or metal detectors. He said that they had no control over that. Gang rivalry has been one of the main reasons for the violence at the J’Ouvert festival but it was unclear what prompted this year’s shootings.

No arrests have been made yet.