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Selena Gomez destroys a fan’s sign at her concert that reads ‘Marry Justin Please’

10 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Fresno, CA, United States (4E) – Selena Gomez reportedly destroyed a sign held up by a fan that reads “Marry Justin please” during her second official show for her Revival World Tour.

In the past months, Gomez has expressed in her interviews that she does not want to be known as just the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. She also said that she is done talking about her former flame and is tired of getting asked of the same question during interviews.

The 23-year-old songstress took the stage in Fresno when the crumpling incident happened. One fan took to Twitter to say the following on Sunday evening: "SELENA CRUMPLED UP MY SISTERS SIGN IM CRYING." In the video alongside the tweet, Gomez was seen pointing at the girl holding the sign signaling that she hand over the sign. However, when she got the paper, Gomez crumpled it and threw it on the floor. She then walked away and resumed singing.

The fan said in an interview, "She didn't mention anything after. I got my paper back though. It wasn't meant to be mean. I love Selena and Justin, and love them together as well. It was the second to the last song that it happened. She put on a great show though."

It is unclear what is going on between Bieber and Gomez. Over the weekend when Bieber was getting his new face tattoo, which is a tiny cross on the corner of his right eye, a fan noticed that he was on his phone. The fan claimed that he was possibly leaving Gomez a voicemail or was talking to her. He was reportedly heard saying, “I just wanted to talk to you and send you my love… you’re doing great.”

As for Gomez, she debuted a new song during her tour entitled “Feel Me.” Many speculate that it is about Bieber as the lyrics reads: “No one love you like I love you I never cheated, never lied/I never put no one above you/I gave you space and time/And now you’re telling me you miss me/And I’m still on your mind.”

Gomez also recently revealed in her interview with Marie Claire that she has been dating and has been having the best time of her life. She confessed that she does not trust anybody though so dating can only be fun for her.