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Selena Gomez, The Weeknd spotted out with friends and held hands

27 January 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were spotted out once again days after they were first seen locking lips and this time, the two held hands while they hung out with friends.

Although the two have never confirmed or denied their rumored romantic relationship, the pair was seen in Hollywood with Jaden Smith and French Montana at Dave & Buster’s. The outing was on Wednesday evening and the two drove off together around 3 A.M. after the group hung out.

The outing also came days after the two started to follow each other on Instagram . An insider shared regarding the Dave & Buster’s outing, "Selena looked so happy and Abel was very chill, very relaxed. They held hands as they left and it was very warm, you can tell they are really enjoying each other's company…[Selena] seems very at ease with him and you can still see the stars in her eyes. They are clearly smitten!"

Gomez was photographed wearing an oversized denim jacket, a wide-legged pair of jeans, and a midriff crop-top. She wore no make-up and wore half of her hair in a bun. The Weeknd , on the other hand, wore an all-black ensemble.

A number of their friends were spotted wearing sweatshirts showing The Weeknd’s latest album. Montana was seen wearing a fur coat and Timberland shoes. Smith, on the other hand, wore an oversized sweatshirt and multi-colored pants.

Another insider said of the romance between Gomez and the Weeknd , "He really likes her. They text every day. They have a really sexy and flirty relationship. They laugh and like each other's personalities. As of now, they are just having fun and enjoying each other." Another source said that the two are taking things slow and are getting to know each other. Gomez is said to be focusing on getting herself back together while The Weeknd is focusing on his new album and is not rushing into anything because he just got out of a relationship.

The Weeknd recently broke up with Gigi Hadid , who is said to be not yet over the singer. Gomez was linked to a number of male stars but she has not been in a serious relationship since she broke things off with Justin Bieber.

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