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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split after 33 years of being married, cheating allegations surface

9 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have ended their 33-year marriage and cheating reports are saying that it was the cause of their split.

The 67-year-old heavy metal rocker and the 63-year-old co-host of the TV show “The Talk” have reportedly agreed that Ozzy will be moving out of their home temporarily. A source also said that the break-up was not about the sobriety issues of Ozzy. The rocker has been sober for almost four years now and has not touched drugs or alcohol during that time frame.

Although the two have not publicly confirmed the split, new reports have surfaced saying that Sharon is prepared to talk about the split when she appears on “The Talk.” She is said to be talking with producers and they think that it is a good idea that she will be talking about her marriage woes on air.

An insider shared, “Sharon and her producers are already talking about addressing the marriage woes during her upcoming episode of The Talk. They’ve offered her the platform to address the situation, and she’s strongly thinking of taking it. She’s not been shy in the past to talk about her personal life on the show, and it would be a huge ratings winner if she was to reveal all.”

However, Sharon planning on talking about the matter on air might not be too soon as the split is still fresh and that she is reportedly thinking about canceling her appearance for the next episode of the show.

Many reports have surfaced claiming that Ozzy was unfaithful with hair-stylist Michelle Pugh. Other reports also say that earlier this year, Sharon accused of cheating on her multiple times with different nannies. Just this March, Sharon revealed that she herself caught her husband in bed with one of the nannies of their children.

Ozzy and Sharon have three children namely Aimee Osbourne , 32, Kelly Osbourne , 31, and Jack Osbourne , 30.