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  • Source claims Amber Heard had no bruises after May attack, another says couple fought on private flight

Source claims Amber Heard had no bruises after May attack, another says couple fought on private flight

7 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The domestic abuse allegations of Amber Heard against her husband for more than a year, Johnny Depp, continue to be questioned by some. A new source claims that the actress wasn't bruised after the alleged May attack wherein the actor reportedly threw a cell phone at her.

Two witnesses who are concierges in the building where Heard and Depp are living said that they saw no bruising on her face. This comes after the claim of Heard that Depp went home drunk and threw an iPhone at her. Heard appeared in court a few days later and her face was visibly bruised when she requested for a restraining order from Depp.

One of the witnesses claimed that Heard was in the lobby on May 23, which was two days after the attack. She reportedly had no make-up on and there was no evidence of any facial bruising. The first witness added, "I was about to compliment her on her complexion.” Heard was said to be flawless that time.

The second concierge complimented Heard for her flawless complexion on May 25. She also appeared to have not had any make-up on her during the sighting and had no bruise whatsoever on her face. It is possible that the legal team of Depp will call the two witnesses to testify during the trial for the restraining order later this month.

Another source claimed that Depp and Heard had an explosive fight while they were on board a private jet. Accordingly, the fight left the actress trembling inside the bathroom of the jet. The insider said that Depp drank booze and was high on weed while they were on their way to Japan for a promotional trip for the movie “Lone Ranger” back in 2013.

The insider added, “Johnny took his family with him on the trip, on a private jet paid for by the studio. During the flight, Johnny was drinking and smoking loads. His behavior became unpredictable, and Amber didn’t want to be around him. But there was nowhere to go on the jet except the bathroom, so she hid in there. She only rejoined him once the plane had landed.”