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Stacey Dash hits back at Anthony Anderson after being called out at NAACP Image Awards

8 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Pasadena, CA, United States (4E) – Stacey Dash has been on the spotlight for a few times now after her controversial comments on the BET Awards and Black History Month as well as her thoughts on a white actor to play the role of Michael Jackson for a thirty-minute movie.

She has then been called out by Anthony Anderson while he was hosting the NAACP Image Awards last Friday. The “Black-ish” actor called Dash jokingly to the stage and said, "Everybody give a round of applause for Stacey Dash! What the hell is she doing here? Doesn't she know that the Fox network is using her? She's just an Ann Coulter dipped in butterscotch. That's all she is. Baby, don't let them use you! Come back to the black people."

Anderson was talking about her comments on FOX when she said that BET Awards and Black History Month should no longer be a thing. She also penned an essay entitled “How BET lies to Black People” where she claimed that they do nothing but promote segregation.

Dash seemingly commented on the diss of Anderson as she took to Twitter to say: “Well it's funny how woman who weighs 105 wet! Can get grown ass men to act like llittle girls! Haha.” It has had 97 retweets and more than 300 favorites.

More on Anderson, the topic of diversity was ultimately brought up specifically when he pointed out that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were in the audience. The couple has stirred a lot of controversy after Pinkett-Smith took to Facebook to talk about boycotting the Oscars after there were no people of color nominated for any major acting award.

Anderson joked, "Look at all these beautiful shades of people in the audience. Hollywood needs to know that this is what diversity is supposed to look like, right? Will and Jada in our audience tonight. Hell, they better be here after all this ish they started."