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  • Staffers of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ claim Gary Busey groped one female employee, Donald Trump laughed it off

Staffers of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ claim Gary Busey groped one female employee, Donald Trump laughed it off

19 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Gary Busey reportedly groped a staffer of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and Donald Trump laughed at the act.

Busey is alleged of sexually assaulting a female during his time on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and five employees attested to the statements of the woman. The statement was that the woman was grabbed “firmly between [the] legs” by Busey and grabbed her breasts. The woman and the other staffers claimed that the incident took place during a location shoot in New York City. They also claimed that Busy put the female employee’s hand on the crotch part of his pants.

Despite knowing about the assault, Trump kept Busey on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” This report comes after Trump is alleged by ten women of inappropriately touching them since the release of the 2005 leaked audio wherein he talked about an actress and other women derogatively . These women have been releasing their stories regarding their encounter with Trump noting that they were touched inappropriately or kissed without their consent.

The incident reportedly took place during “The Celebrity Apprentice” Season 11 and they were at a party after a scheduled shooting when Busey came up to her and started touching her inappropriately.

The manager of Busey said that the reports are not true and threatened a lawsuit over the supposed lies. Busey’s manager added, “Mr. Busey has better things to do with the rest of his life, like help raise his 6-year-old son, and enjoy his family on his free time.”

The manager of Busey added that they believe the claims of “The Celebrity Apprentice” staffers is due to their goal to have five minutes of fame or a political attempt to drag Busey as he has been labeled as a support of the GOP nominee.

The campaign team of Trump as well as publicists for “The Celebrity Apprentice” have not yet commented on the matter.