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Suge Knight sues Chris Brown for nightclub shooting after being shot seven times in 2014 incident

28 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Marion “Suge” Knight is reportedly suing singer Chris Brown as he claimed that the R&B star is at fault regarding the shooting incident at 1 OAK night club back in August of 2014 wherein he was shot seven times.

The 49-year-old Knight was shot seven times at the Video Music Awards pre-party hosted by 25-year-old Brown. The rap mogul claims that Brown and the night club should have had better security adding that Brown is a “known gang associate with a history of hosting events where violent incidents happened.” Knight was shot in the abdomen, in the chest, and in his left forearm during that time. Aside from the gun wounds, he also suffered from health complications such as blood clot since the shooting took place.

According to past reports, Brown was very supportive of Knight throughout the ordeal. He reportedly told the rap mogul that if he ever needed anything, he could ask Brown for it.

Aside from Brown being named in the lawsuit, the night club is also a defendant. Knight claims that the club should have taken special security precautions since it was an event hosted by Brown.

According to the attorneys of Knight, J. Tooson and Jeremy Lessem , the shooting has become a factor in his current murder trial. Knight is in jail and is awaiting trial for charges of murder, attempted murder, and a hit-and-run count regarding the death of Terry Carter. The other man involved is Cle “Bone” Sloan and Knight is accused of running over the two men with his truck outside a Compton fast food joint last January 23, 2015.

The attorneys of Knight claim that their client’s fear after the night club shooting has caused him to flee the scene after running down the two men. The two men reportedly attacked him first in his car and Knigt became afraid of his life.

The lawsuit against Brown reads, "Mr. Knight was still extremely frail from his gunshot injuries less than five months earlier. When the facts are finally revealed in this case, we're certain it will be apparent that our client was simply trying to flee for his life."

Brown and his legal team have not made comments about the lawsuit yet.