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‘Supergirl’ Star Laura Benanti talks miscarriage, how it affected her pregnancy now

23 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Laura Benanti , who stars in the hit series “Supergirl ,” recently announced that she and her husband, Patrick Brown, are again welcoming their first baby together almost a year after she suffered from a miscarriage.

In an interview, she shared that she and Brown suffered from a miscarriage a year ago and it has affected their second pregnancy. Now, they are expecting a daughter, who is due to be out in this world by winter. The news about being given a chance to have a baby is great news to the couple as they have been trying to have a baby after getting married in November last year.

Getting pregnant again after her miscarriage, the “Supergirl” actress said that she was really scared all the time. She continued to reveal that on top of being scared, she was not doing so well because during her first trimester, she had morning sickness pretty much the whole day. She joked, “I don’t know what man named it morning sickness. It’s the most ridiculous term I have ever heard. It should be called just ’24/7, Never Get a Break’ sickness.”

Benanti said that she got dehydrated because she threw up multiple times in a day. During her first trimester, she was also very busy with work since she was the leading character in the Broadway revival of “She Loves Me.” She was also being noticed for her Melania Trump impression since she appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Her doctor then advised her to rest so she had to alter her work schedule. Benanti said that she listened to the doctor because she no longer wants to lose her baby.

As of now, Benanti is doing well and is making her pregnancy a priority but she still prays that everything goes well until the last month of her pregnancy.