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Sylvester Stallone latest victim of death hoax, posted photos on IG to prove he is alive

6 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Actor Sylvester Stallone was still able to enjoy his Labor Day weekend despite being the latest victim of a death hoax.

Stallone brushed off the reports and even made silly face in the photo posted by him with his daughter on Instagram . T

he “Rocky” star has been on the spotlight after images of him circulated on the internet being wheeled out of his Los Angeles home supposedly showing him in a body bag.

The 70-year-old star became the center of the reports that he has passed away and the people who did the death hoax used credible news sources such as CNN and Fox News to make it look like it was legitimate.

An insider shared that the Labor Day weekend of Stallone was ruined but he managed to maintain a good sense of humor. The insider continued to share that the phone of the actor was ringing off the hook because his family and friends have been calling him to make sure that he is okay. This then made it impossible for him to relax.

The source added that the friends and family of Stallone knew that the reports were fake but that did not stop them from sending him text messages and emails. The insider also said, “Sly hasn’t had a moment to himself since the story broke. All of his energy has been spent cleaning up the false report.”

Stallone also posted photos on his social media accounts. In one of the photos, he posted a snap with Russian boxer Sergey ( Krusher ) Kovzalev . Stallone then posted another snap with his daughter, Sophia. He wrote in the caption that he just had a great and quiet dinner with his daughter. He used the hashtags # dinnerdate , # spacetravel , # nogravity , and # talkingheads .

He was also spotted alive and well on September 3 in Beverly Hills.