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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston might be dating, spotted kissing on the beach

16 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Rhode Island, NY, United States (4E) – It seems that Taylor Swift is not busy writing a break-up song from her split with Calvin Harris as the singer was spotted getting occupied with another thing, kissing Tom Hiddleston .

The newly single singer might have moved on from Harris even if the break-up was only two weeks ago as she was seen with the hunky actor making out. The two were on the rocky beach of Misquamicut . It is locate near the mansion of the Style singer in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Photos of the two emerged just hours ago and it seemed that the two were enjoying a day out by the water. At first, the two were strolling by the sand but at one point, they sat on a rock and then started making out. It was reported that the two also took selfies together while enjoying the scenery and hugged at some point.

An insider shared that Swift and Hiddleston are just hanging out together and there is nothing serious going on. However, Swift has been talking to the actor since the split from Harris. The insider added, "They have been out a few times she really enjoys his company. She is not looking to jump into anything this fast, but will take things as it goes nice and slowly."

Another source close to Harris that he just wants his ex-girlfriend to be happy and that they were not a good fit. Harris and Swift dated for more than a year and have been squeezing in their date nights for the past months in their busy schedules. They also went on a tropical getaway post their first anniversary celebration. It remains unclear what pushed the two to end their relationship but many are saying that the schedules did not permit them to remain romantic.

Many are wondering when did Swift and Hiddleston become an item. It might be around May when Swift had a dance party with Hiddleston at the Met Gala. They reportedly met that night as they were sitting next to each other at dinner. Hiddleston was asked about the dance party with Swift in an interview and he said, "I love dancing, who doesn't? It's a weird one [that it went viral]. I haven't actually danced for a long time, but I happened to be dancing at the Met Gala because it was a party."

Hiddleston said that Swift invited him to dance so they did. He did not spill any other details about his meeting with Swift at the Met Gala.

Although none of the two have commented on the photos of them kissing, the fans are already shipping them with the name Swiddleston .