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Team Captain America seen in new sneak peek for ‘Civil War’

11 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Team Captain America was featured in a new sneak peek of the movie “Captain America: Civil War” during the MTV Movie Awards.

Marvel aired the short clip from the upcoming flick and fans are freaking out over it. The scene stars with Captain America coming out of nowhere from the sky. He is later accompanied by the Falcon and Scarlet Witch who have also jumped in on a rescue mission in which they too down a group of soldiers in body armor and military fashion.

Before Captain America is joined by his two teammates, he takes down around four soldiers all by himself. First, he uses his shield so as to not get hit by the bullets then pushes a pick-up truck with his feet to ward off an incoming soldier.

The Falcon appears and takes down two more people. His costume was also on full display at one point of the sneak peek. Scarlet Witch is then seen emerging from the sky to join her two teammates. In another part of the video, she was seen taking down hostiles at the Institute for Infectious Diseases.

Another topic that fans are talking about is the showing of the new villain, Crossbones. The new villain was seen sporting heavy armor as he exited a truck in the sneak peek.

Also seen in the video is Captain America and his team seemingly trying to free his friend Bucky Barnes. That does not sit well with Iron Man so it remains unclear how he will react. Speaking of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr . was also seen in the more-than-a-minute sneak peek but he was not wearing his armor suit.

The main plot of the movie is about the Marvel heroes dealing with a new status quo after the governments decide that “enhanced individuals” are to be officially regulated. This will then lead to a split as two teams will be formed amongst the protagonists. One of the teams is led by Iron Man while the other is by Captain America. Iron man is in favor of the governmental oversight while Captain America believes heroes should remain free from any type of regulation.

The movie will be storming into theaters this May 6, 2016.