‘The Vampire Diaries’ rumored to end after season 8

11 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “The Vampire Diaries” is rumored to end after season 8 but there are no confirmations yet regarding this.

Accordingly, Ian Somerhalder , who is one of the lead stars of the show, seemingly hinted about it at WalkerStalkerCon in Nashville on Sunday. He told fans that it will be ending after the next season of the much-loved series as per the convention’s official Twitter account. He reportedly said, “We have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice.”

A CW spokesperson talked about the issue saying that no decision has been made yet regarding the show’s fate. “The Vampire Diaries” is currently on its seventh season and the finale is set to air on May 13. The show has been picked up for an eighth season earlier this year after CA renewed nearly all of its shows in the 2016 to 2016 to 2017 season.

The announcement of Somerhalder comes days after another series star, Kat Graham, talked about season eight being her last for the series. She shared in a recent interview, “Season eight will be my last season. I just hope that whatever I do after, the crew can come with me. … The crew is going to be the hardest thing to let go, because we are a family.”

Co-creator Julie Plec talked about the fate of the show back in January in an interview. She shared, "I finally realized that my destiny on this show, creatively, is tied in to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. And I mean that in a really good way. As long as those boys who I now consider my friends want to keep telling the story, then I won't walk away from telling the story."

Plec continued to say at that time that if the two stars are done telling the story, she will put her pencil down and say that she is done too.

The series has suffered from a huge departure last year when lead star Nina Dobrev left the series after season 6.