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‘The Walking Dead’ actress Danai Gurira talks about her character and Carl’s connection

21 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Before “The Walking Dead” Season 7 returns to the small screen this Sunday, actress Danai Gurira talked about her character’s relationship with Carl.

In one of the episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Michonne and Carl had a very emotional bond as she became a maternal figure for the teen. What happened next was the romantic evolution of the relationship between Michonne and Rick.

Entertainment Weekly then caught up with Gurira and she shared her thoughts about Michonne and Carl’s bond. She said that she admires Carl as a child soldier who has weathered so much that is why her character wants to love and protect the teenager. She noted that the quiet moment between Carl and Michonne in “The Walking Dead” Season 6 was an affirmation that he had that place in his heart where she considers her as her mother.

Gurira also said that the loss of a child is something one does not want to experience. Having Carl around makes her able to have another chance to spend time with a growing young man on “The Walking Dead.”

As for Gurira’s character being stronger, she said that her character evolved so much in the past seasons of “The Walking Dead.” The first time that she was introduced on the show, she was armored and season by season, those armors came off but she pointed out that it has not made her weak, instead it made Michonne all the more stronger.

As for what to expect on “The Walking Dead” Season 7, it was reported that the upcoming season of the series will have 16 episodes and will premiere this October 23. It remains unclear, however, who will be the first Alexandria survivor to be killed by Negan .

In the promo photos released, Rick, Carl, Sasha, Aaron, Maggie, Abraham, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, and Michonne were seen on the ground kneeling before Negan .