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‘The Walking Dead’ star Alanna Masterson posts lengthy comment against body shamers on Instagram

2 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “The Walking Dead” star Alanna Masterson is not taking the body-shaming lightly as the actress spoke out against the criticisms after many have reacted negatively about how she looked like in the TV series when she appeared on the Sunday episode of the hit AMC show.

Masterson plays the role of Tara on “The Walking Dead” and the latest episode of “TWD” Season 7 focused on her character. Masterson began filming for “The Walking Dead” Season 7 just months after she gave birth to her first child Marlowe with her boyfriend Brick Stowell . Masterson’s daughter Marlowe recently turned one.

The actress took to Instagram to release a powerful message alongside a photo of her little one. She addressed her haters as Instagram trolls, body shamers , and simply men and women who think it is okay to comment on her weight. She added, “I hope that you don't have children. And if you do, I hope you teach the about kindness and acceptance.” She also hoped that children should learn that it is not okay to call people names or make fun of others.

She also said on her Instagram post by saying that she hopes one day these body shamers and trolls will learn what it takes to be a parent who is kind, selfless, working, and a parent who puts themselves in someone else’s shoes.

The new mother talked about how difficult it is to be nursing her baby, pumping in a van in between takes, and being an actress. She said that it takes a lot of work, determination and scheduling so before people decide to make comments about her chest being too large or how fat she has become, they have to know that her daughter has the best start to life and she would not change it for a second. She noted that she would gladly continue eat enough in order to produce milk to make her daughter’s bone grow.

“The Walking Dead” star continued to say that the trolls’ mothers should be ashamed for raising a judgmental bully. She concluded her statement by saying that people should be kind to each other because they need it more than ever.

One of the comments on Twitter about Alanna Masterson’s weight is that how did Tara manage to stay fat in a zombie apocalypse. Another tweeted that Tara looked like she has been eating pretty good while out on the road.

The “TWD” star was also shamed back in 2015 when she was filming for “The Walking Dead” Season 6. She was on her second and third trimesters during the filming for that season and she took to Twitter to say that she had to wear loose-fitting shirts in order to hide her baby bump.

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