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‘This Is Us’ Ron Cephas Jones might still return for Season 2 despite Season 1 death

23 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – In the February 21 episode of “This Is Us” Season 1, Ron Cephas Jones’ character, William Hill, died at a hospital but the actor gave hints in a recent interview that he might just come back for the Season 2 of the show.

William lost his battle to cancer and passed away in the latest episode of “This Is Us” and it was one of the emotional scenes between him and his son Randall. The death comes after William just had his unforgettable road trip to his birthplace in Memphis. He shared of being in Season 2, “Is there a way for him to still be in the story, in season 2, after we found that out? As an actor, that was the first thing that I was thinking and hoping and praying for, which ended up being the case.” This is possible because the story treatment for “This Is Us” uses flashbacks a lot.

When asked about what to expect in Season 2 of “This Is Us,” Jones said he is just happy to keep on playing William and is satisfied at the moment about knowing hi character will be back for a second season.

More on the death scene, Jones said it was one of the first scenes to shoot and it was difficult to bring all the emotions since they were shooting not too long yet. He also said, “I wasn’t looking forward to it. I didn’t want to say good-bye. Sterling didn’t wanna say good-bye to Ron! It was exhausting, but I’m glad we got it over with. The rest of the time we just got to enjoy each other’s company.”

There will be two more episodes before the “This Is Us” finale. Season 2 has no release date yet.

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