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Tom Hiddleston reportedly lost Armani contract over romance with Taylor Swift

1 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – British actor Tom Hiddleston reportedly lost his contract with Armani due to his romance with Taylor Swift.

“The Night Manager” was reportedly to be the new face for the winder underwear collection of Armani but was no longer considered for the post. He was reportedly to replace Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, the ex-boyfriend of Swift. Harris recently promoted the label’s winter collection but was dropped after his break-up with the “Shake It Off” songstress.

An insider shared, “Tom was on the shortlist as they examined who could take over from Calvin. Obviously with Tom now being Taylor’s other half and the Calvin past deal, it would generate huge media coverage and headlines.” Also, his sexy scenes on “The Night Manager” made Armani want to have him under the label.

However, the insider added, “Armani would hate to be seen as getting PR for their brand by riding on Taylor Swift’s coat tails, so Tom will not get the job. While Tom is without doubt one of the sexiest actors of his generation, he may not be the right fit this time. The brand is looking at attracting 30-somethings and under, so Tom may be a little too old.”

Hiddldeston and Swift were first spotted smooching near her Rhode Island mansion just weeks after she ended her relationship with Harris. Their relationship has been under scrutiny as others felt like there was some type of publicity stunt thus the sudden romance.

The two first met at this year’s Met Gala after they had a little dance party. Swift was no longer seen with Harris during that time and many have shipped them together since photos of them at the annual fashion event surfaced online.

Since being spotted in Rhode Island, they were seen during the Fourth of July weekend with her friends and have met each other’s parents. She took him to Nashville while Hiddleston and Swift flew to London days after.

Representatives for Hiddleston is yet to comment on the Armani contract news.