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Tori Spelling ordered to pay almost $38K in unpaid credit card bills

4 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Beverly Hills, CA, United States (4E) – American Express sued actress Tori Spelling in January after she did not pay debts that amounted to $37,981.97 and a judge recently ordered her to pay the full amount plus $855 in court fees.

The 43-year-old reportedly failed to pay any of her credit card debt when the lawsuit was filed earlier this year. American Express also claimed that she has not been paying anything since June 2015 and that a payment of $1,070 bounced. Spelling shares four children with her husband, Dean McDermott, namely nine-year-old Liam, eight-year-old Stella, and four-year-olds Hattie and Finn.

Aside from the credit card debt, Spelling and McDermott were hit with a tax lien in July. It amounted to $259,108.23, which is said to be the total amount from the unpaid state taxes of the two since 2014.

Spelling reportedly inherited only $800,000 from her late father, Aaron. Her mother, Candy, said earlier this year that she has been helping her daughter when it comes to finances. Candy shared, “I've been paying all her bills now, except I'm not paying extras like that. I'm not paying any back payments — just for the house, and the kids’ schools and their food.”

Despite Candy’s statements about helping Spelling and her family, the actress said that they are not bankrupt or struggling. She said that she hopes the lawsuit will go away.

In a past interview, she also talked about not being taught about money matters when she was growing up. She said that she does not blame anyone for not knowing too much on how to handle money and she does not want the same thing to happen to his children.

She added during that time, "My husband and I work really hard. I'm constantly out there working. It's so important for my children to see that both their parents are working. And we talk to them about it."