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Tracy Morgan pens tribute to Prince

29 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Tracy Morgan has penned a tribute to the late singer Prince and talked about how the “Purple Rain” singer helped him gain the confidence he has.

The “30 Rock” alum and comedian recalled how the artist’s music has affected him. Prince died last Thursday at his estate at the age of 57. His cause of death has not been determined yet.

The 47-year-old comedian shared: "Was he an influence? Absolutely! He was talking about making love, he was a sexy man! Prince's music taught me how to suck t—ies ! He taught me how to be gentle. Because of him, I once sucked a t—y for an hour. At the end, it looked like a tater tot. I love Prince."

Aside from that, Morgan also talked about Prince’s song “Condition of the Heart” and he said that he listened to it for one full day after he returned from the funeral of his father back in 1987. Morgan said that it was the last song he told his father to listen to.

Morgan also talked about attending a party at the house of Prince in Los Angeles around seven years ago. He shared that he, another male friend, and two girls were the only guests left at the end of the party.

He added, "Prince and his wife came downstairs, and they had on purple pajamas. He said, 'Tracy, get the f–k out!' As I walked out the door, I grabbed him by the back of the neck, and I pulled him close to me. I noticed that mole on his face. He was so pretty, I turned gay for about five seconds. I said, 'My father loved 'When Doves Cry.' And he said, 'Yeah, yeah. Just get the f–k out.'"

Morgan also had nothing but kind words for the late singer describing him a free and someone who came from the heart. He added, “He was a sexy man!”