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Trailer for Britney Spears biopic ‘Britney Ever After’ released by Lifetime

24 January 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – The new TV movie biopic of Lifetime centers on Britney Spears called “Britney Ever After” and the new trailer was just released.

Spears became famous years ago and was tagged as the pop star of the millennium. However, he career spiraled downward and one of her most famous meltdowns was when she shaved her head. That point of her life is part of the biopic , which will be released on February 18. In

The actress playing the role of Spears is Natasha Bassett. In the trailer, she was seen mimicking Spears during her most famous years, when she got married, and when she had her public meltdowns. In the voice over, Bassett was heard saying, “Everything’s just kind of this blur, you know? Until you hit rock bottom.”

In a recent interview with Bassett, the 23-year-old actress shared that playing the role of Spears was emotionally taxing because it was traumatic for her to have experienced what the iconic musician went through. Bassett added, “I really appreciated how strong she is. Emotionally, the way she got through the constant pressures that she was faced with is admirable.”

The cast of “Britney Ever After” also includes Peter Benson, who plays Larry Rudolph, Clayton Chitty , who plays Kevin Federline , Nicole Oliver, who plays Lynne Spears, Nathan Keyes, who plays Justin Timberlake, and Markian Tarasiuk as Wade Robinson. Britney and her team, however, said that they have not contributed in any way regarding the Lifetime biopic .

According to reports, the biopic will detail the story of Britney when she rose to fame, fell from grace, and eventually being able to re-establish herself in the music scene. Some of the scenes that fans should watch out for are her infamous interview with matt Lauer, her kiss with Christina Aguilera and Madonna on MTV, and her very quick wedding with Jason Alexander.

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