Trailer for ‘Fuller House’ S2 released by Netflix

3 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “Fuller House” Season 2 is coming back during the holiday season and it seems that the holidays will also be celebrated by the characters on the show as per the new trailer released by Netflix.

The trailer featured a Gibbler-Tanner romance and the mid-life crisis of Danny Tanner. “Full House” all-time favorite characters will also be guesting on “Fuller House.” Some of the stars fans will get to see are Bob Saget , David Coulier , John Stamos , and Lori Loughlin .

In the beginning of the “Fuller House” Season 2 trailer, D.J. Tanner-Fuller was heart saying that once a person gets older, the faster things seem to change. Many of the children from the past season have grown older. Another issue that D.J. Tanner-Fuller might be facing in “Fuller House” Season 2 is being too late in deciding who she really wants between Steve and Matt. In the trailer, D.J. Tanner-Fuller was surprised by the fact that Matt and Steve announced they already have girlfriends.

As for the Gibbler-Tanner romance, it was reported that Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler shared a kiss on the “Fuller House” Season 2 trailer without the two knowing that one is a Gibbler and the other is a Tanner.

Danny Tanner, on the other hand, was seen struggling with his life crisis. He was seen in the first “Fuller House” Season 2 trailer trying to be cool around his kids and everyone else after he dropped by for a visit. He then tells the truth to one of his daughters about why he did such thing and what is troubling him.

“Fuller House” Season 1 premiered on Netflix in February and has since been a hit. “Fuller House” Season 2 will be back on the streaming service this December 9.

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