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TV Psychic Miss Cleo dead at 53 after losing battle with cancer

27 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Palm Beach County, FL, United States (4E) – TV Psychic Miss Cleo has died at the age of 53 after she lost hear years-long battle with cancer, reports have confirmed.

The television psychic, born as Youree Dell Harris, died on Tuesday and passed away in Palm Beach County, Florida. She was reportedly surrounded by her family and her friends during her last hours.

A representative for Miss Cleo claimed that she has been battling colon cancer before her death and that the disease spread to her liver and her lungs. She was hospitalized for the illness but was discharged last week. Her representative noted that Miss Cleo remained to be a “pillar of strength” while battling the disease.

Miss Cleo was born in Los Angeles, California back in August 1962. She found fame after she has played the role of the Jamaican TV Psychic. She was well-known in the late ‘90s for her commercials that has asked viewers to call her as numbers flashed on the screen. She also read tarot cards for her TV Psychic gig and is best known for her lines such as “Call me now for your free reading!” and “You can't fool Miss Cleo!” She was working for the company called Psychic Readers Network during that time.

Harris later became the voice of a character in the 2002 video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” She also wrote the book “Keepin’ It Real: A Practical Guide for Spiritual Living.”

Miss Cleo’s background was questioned at one point of her life as she reportedly had a list of aliases and a number of colleagues on the local theater scene saying that she cheated them out of money. In 2006, she came out as a lesbian and said that other people believe she was a real psychic. She shared, “People give me mad love, sweetheart. They’ll say: ‘Do you see anything? Where do we find you? When are you coming back? We miss you.’ I get a lot of love.”