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TV series about Michael Jackson’s final days before death in the works

21 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – A show about the King of Pop’s, Michael Jackson, last days is reportedly in the works after J.J. Abrams and Tavis Smiley have teamed up in order to come up with the T.V. show.

The series will be focused on the last and final days of Jackson before his death. It is said to be being developed now by Warner Bros. TV. Abrams, a renowned producer, and Smiley, a well-known author, will be working on the show.

The studio has confirmed the matter via an announcement released on Monday noting that Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions was developing a TV series that is based on the new book of Smiley entitled “Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days.”

The books will be out in stores this June 21 and the author described it as a stretched “novelistic rendering” of the final months that led up to the death of one of the most iconic household names in modern pop culture. The book will also be discussing the highs and the lows faced by the late Jackson and his constant search for privacy in his life.

The book will also be showing how Jackson’s fame made him “socially fragile and almost unable to live.” These will most probably be in the TV show on the works by Warner Bros. TV with Abrams and Smiley. Other executive producers working on the show alongside Abrams and Smiley are Ben Stephenson and David Brewington . The TV show about Jackson’s final days is yet to be acquired by a network.

Jackson died back in 2009 weeks before he was supposed to have a comeback concert series. The rehearsal footage showing the King of Pop was then used for the concert film “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” The death of Jackson was ruled as a homicide as the physician who administered the fatal drug dosage was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

It is unclear if the children of Jackson will be in the TV show acting as themselves or if other people will portray them.

Smiley’s 2014 book entitled “Death of a King: The Real Story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year” will also be made into a TV series together with Abrams and his team. This show also has not been tied to any TV network yet.