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Twitterverse reacts after ‘Suicide Squad’ bags Academy Award for makeup and hair styling

27 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “Suicide Squad” garnered a lot of negative reviews after it was released last year but the movie was able to win an award at the recently-held 2017 Oscars.

The movie won the award for Best Makeup and Hair Styling. The people who accepted the award were Alessandro Bertolazzi, Christopher Nelson, and Giorgio Gregorini. The trio designed the characters for the movie. This was the first Oscar award for all of them. Bertolazzi, who is an Italian, dedicated the award to all immigrants when he gave his acceptance speech.

In an interview with Bertolazzi in the past, he talked about dressing Joker as the most difficult. Bertolazzi shared, “Most challenging, of course was the Joker. Everybody does the Joker. The last Joker was amazing, so I was completely… What can I do now? Of course, that was the challenge. Not to be so presumptuous to do something completely different, because nobody does different. What is different? Everybody already does everything, but do it in the right way.”

The director of “Suicide Squad,” David Ayer, congratulated the make-up and hair team on Twitter. He called them amazing.

Many did not take the winning well. One wrote on Twitter that “Suicide Squad” now has as many Oscars as “Selma.” Another wrote, “#SuicideSquad really. Ok i liked the movie, was a good popcorn movie, but #oscar worthy, costume makeup……really???”

Others came to the defense of “Suicide Squad.” A fan said everyone is surprised that the movie won an Oscar but pointed out the Killer Croc make-up was not a CGI and the make-up talent to come up with such was incredible.

Although the flick did not receive great reviews, many loved the makeup of the characters like Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Joker, El Diablo, and Killer Croc. The film also broke box office records as it made more than $200 million over a weekend last year.

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