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Vanessa Hudgens wears dreamcatcher in her hair, accused of cultural appropriation

28 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Vanessa Hudgens has been accused of appropriating Native American culture after she was seen wearing a dreamcatcher in her hair, which she uploaded on her Instagram account.

The “High School Musical” alum has been part of a photoshoot with her hairstylist in order to show off her naturally curly hair. Some of the photos showed her having accessories on her hair and one was with a dreamcatcher . In the photo, she captioned it with, “Chin up, Princess… Or the crown slips # monday @riawnacapri @beautycoach_com.”

Many became upset saying that she is disrespecting other people. One user commented on the photo saying, "Why are you like this??? You constantly go out of your way to disrespect cultures to look ~ boho . It's rude as f* ck . Don't put dreamcatchers in your hair! That you have to constantly be told not to do this and dragged means you are not listening and it's frustrating af !!"

Another commented saying that she loves Hudgens but dreamcatchers represent culture and is not supposed to be used as a costume. Another pointed out that dreamcatchers don’t go in a person’s hair. One more wrote, "You would think as a Native American woman/descendant she would have a little more respect for Native American items then to wear it as a costume/decoration.”

This is not the first time that Hudgens has been accused of cultural appropriation. Back in 2014, the “Grease: Live!” star shared a photo of her bindi . Many commenters asked if Hudgens even knew the significance of a bindi in Hinduism or the Indian culture.

Hudgens has not yet commented on the latest photo causing debate.