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Wendy Williams comments on Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston romance

29 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are vacationing now in Rome and have been spotted flaunting major PDA but Wendy Williams is a bit skeptical about the romantic relationship of the two.

The daytime talk show host has commented on the two on her show’s “Hot Topics” segment on Monday and she said that she is not sure if it’s really romance or if it is just for show. She shared that Swift and Hiddleston are apparently getting serious adding, “It's only been three weeks. And she's 26. That's old enough to understand—like, you don't show your feelings on your sleeve in three weeks, you know? And he's a 30-something.”

Williams also said that she thinks Hiddleston is a bit of an opportunist. She said that Hiddleston wants to be the next James Bond and she suspects that he is only dating Swift so he would be talked about. The talk show host continued to bash the two saying that it is possible that Swift called the paparazzi to snap photos of her and Hiddleston kissing on the beach near her Rhode Island mansion.

Williams continued, "This past weekend, Taylor took Tom to meet her parents in Nashville—after only three weeks of dating! Who does that? Then, Taylor flew to England and met Tom's mom. This is not good, y'all.”

Although some of the facts laid out by Williams were true, she also had some false statements. She said that Swift and Hiddleston danced together at the 2016 Met Gala while her then-boyfriend Calvin Harris was there. Harris was not with Swift during the annual fashion event.

Aside from Hiddleston and Swift, Williams also slammed Harris for allegedly responding to his fans on Instagram saying that Swift controlled the media and that he felt free after his break-up from the “Shake It Off” singer. The comments have been deleted and a representative for Harris says that the Scottish DJ did not write those.

Williams then said of Harris, "Calvin talking really girly about Taylor on the 'gram. Well, you know what, I totally believe that [Harris claiming he felt "free"] but you don't have to say it, Calvin. Go on with your life. You got what you needed from Taylor, which is to be on 'Hot Topics,' and so, Tom's got next."