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Wilmer Valderrama, Minka Kelly dating again after his split from Demi Lovato

2 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Wilmer Valderrama and Minka Kelly are reportedly dating again after he and Demi Lovato have called it quits.

Valderrama and Kelly were together four years ago and an insider claims that the two are dating again but there are no available details as to what led to them reuniting. They reportedly went to a Mexican getaway with some of their close friends.

Valderrama and Kelly were also spotted stepping out together for a late dinner date. They were seen at Palms Thai restaurant in Hollywood and eyewitness said, "[ Minka and Wilmer] did have a late dinner at Palms Thai together last night. They sat across from each other and it was just the two of them. I didn't personally see if they were holding hands or if they were being affectionate, but it looked like a date. They looked casual and relaxed. Yes, Wilmer was a gentleman and picked up the tab to pay for their food."

Valderrama and Kelly first dated in 2012 after she broke things off with Derek Jeter. Valderrama and Lovato , on the other hand, ended their relationship around three months ago. They have been together for six years in an on-again-off-again relationship.

Valderrama and Lovato took to Instagram to release a joint statement regarding their decision to end their relationship. The statement says that it was a difficult decision for them but they have realized that they are better off as best friends.

In the 2012 relationship of Valderrama and Lovato , he dated Kelly shortly after he split with the former Disney star. Lovato was caught making out with Logan Henderson then subsequently, Valderrama and Minka went on a romantic vacation to Australia.

Just recently, Valderrama said in an interview that after his split with Lovato , he is doing okay as he has been signed to be part of “NCIS.”

Valderrama and Kelly are yet to comment.