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Yolanda Hadid talks children being source of hope, wants to write book about journey with Lyme Disease

1 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Beverly Hills, CA, United States (4E) – Yolanda Hadid has once again opened up about her battle with Lyme disease and noted that her children were her source of hope.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star, who is the mother of models Gigi Hadid , 20, Bella Hadid , and Anwar Hadid , 16, will appear on the Tuesday episode of “The Dr. Oz Show.” She shared, "There were nights where Gigi , at three o'clock in the morning, had to drive me to the emergency room because I had such severe inflammation in my brain that I'd be balling on the floor like please take me to the hospital.”

She added that Bella and Anwar are at the back of the car with her and they learned to take charge and be their mother’s strength.

Yolanda, formerly Yolanda Foster but has recently changed her last name amid the divorce proceedings, noted that her children were the reason for her to continue with her life despite the difficulties she is facing.

The ex-wife of David Foster added, "There were many days that I really didn't want to live anymore. But when you look at your children it's not a choice anymore, right? You have to. You have to get through. You have to keep fighting and searching to get well.” Yolanda was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 and she has announced that Bell and Anwar are also suffering from it back in 2015.

In another interview, Yolanda shared that she wants to write a book about being infected with the disease. However, she pointed out that she have not had the brain power to do so in the last four years. She added that she has been documenting her journey with photos instead of words as people are more visual nowadays.

She continued, “And it’s funny because the girls on the show kind of judge me for posting a picture with an IV, which is nothing compared to the pictures that I have and the story that I have to tell. It’s very detailed, it’s about all the treatments that I’ve tried, all the different places that I’ve been in the world, but mainly it’s about my spiritual journey that came with this.”