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Zayn Malik talks One Direction, rumored to be jealous of Harry Styles

23 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Zayn Malik has once again talked about One Direction and is rumored to be jealous of Harry Styles.

The former One Direction boy bander said that one of the things that made him quit the band was the restrictions they have placed on him such as his style. He revealed in an interview with Complex magazine that being in the band made the boys have to look like a young teen boy.

He added, “There were certain restrictions in terms of the way that we could come outside of that young teen boy look. Mainly my beard, to be honest. I wasn’t allowed to keep it. Eventually, when I got older, I rebelled against it, and decided to keep it anyway.”

Aside from not being able to keep his beard originally, Malik also complained that they won’t let him color his hair, which then explain the crazy hair colors he has been testing in the past months.

He added that the restrictions began to eat him away noting, “It was about denying the authenticity of who I was, and what I enjoyed about music, and why I got into it. That was always there. It was one of the things that wasn’t going to go away, so I had to go away.”

Other reports are also claiming that Malik had to leave because he was getting jealous of his former co-band mate Harry Styles. An insider shared that none of the One Direction boys had problems with sharing the spotlight except for Malik . The source shared, “He was always complaining that Harry got to do whatever he wanted, like have long hair and be scruffy. He felt like Harry was favored and Zayn didn’t like playing second fiddle.”

Aside from talking about One Direction, Malik also talked about his girlfriend Gigi Hadid . The 20-year-old model starred in the music video of his single “Pillow Talk.” Malik said that he tries to keep everything separate especially his relationship with the model.