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Zendaya body-shamed by Julie Klausner, actress fires back

14 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Zendaya has been called out by Julie Klausner on Twitter for being too skinny and she fired back on her hater.

The 19-year-old star of the Disney Show “KC Undercover” recently accepted her Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star and she was noticeably skinny in her outfit. 37-year-old actress, Klausner , then accused Zendaya of starving herself because of her thinness.

The first tweet reads: “I will never stop criticizing celebs who perpetuate dangerous beauty standards for a generation of girls who grow up thinking they're fat.” Another tweet from Klausner says that one do not have to have an eating disorder to attend Nickelodeon’s annual Kids’ Choice Awards then added “…but it helps!”

Klausner then name-dropped Zendaya on another tweet that reads: “Zendaya’s ultimate retort to Giuliana Rancic is starving herself down to the size of one of her elbowz.” Rancic is an E! host and has been very skinny ever since but she pointed out that that she is not suffering from an eating disorder.

Zendaya then re-tweeted the statement of Klausner about the star starving herself. She “Something New” singer said: "Do you find this funny? I will write another paragraph to educate you aswell # youreallywannabenext ?" To which Klausner replied, “Can’t wait.” Klausner added: “Zendaya’s threat to write another paragraph is more dread inducing than Kim Jong Un’s fronting about the bomb he has.”

Zendaya has not commented on the latest tweet of Klausner but she did write another statement on her account. She told her followers to look in the mirror at “their beautiful body and love that sh **.” She added the hashtags “# thickgirlswinning ,” “# skinnygirlswinning ,” and “#weallwinning.”

The fans of Zendaya were quick to slam Klausner but the actress did not let that stop her from tweeting more about the Disney star. Klausner shared on her account that the fans of Zendaya are angry because she pointed out that the Disney star’s body is not a healthy look. She continued to accuse that Zendaya hates Jews. One fan of Zendaya responded saying, “You're so sad and pathetic. Ur getting a sick pleasure out of inciting young people.”