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  • Zendaya claims she was refused service at Vons due to her skin tone, company apologizes to actress

Zendaya claims she was refused service at Vons due to her skin tone, company apologizes to actress

8 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Zendaya took to her Snapchat account to say that she was refused service at a Vons grocery store because of her skin tone.

The actress said that a clerk refused to serve her and threw her wallet back at her after she tried to buy $400 in gift cards. She shared in the video, "So we just got out of this Vons . Now, I am trying to buy a lot of gift cards. Now, there's some certain, specific things you have to do when it comes to buying gift cards. There are certain limits and some things, which is understandable. OK, cool. So I'll take a less amount, whatever. But the lady that was helping us—I don't think she was a fan of our skin tone."

The “Spider-Man: Homecoming” actress continued to say that they have just experienced racism because they are black. Zendaya was with a male friend during the supposed encounter with the clerk. She claimed that the way the clerk looked at her was like saying she is not able to afford what she bought since it cost $400.

The 20-year-old “K.C. Undercover” star said that she was not making things up and that it really happened. She then ranted that there is so much progress to be done not only in the United States but the entirety of the world.

Eventually, Zendaya was able to get her gift cards as a store manager helped them out. Vons also released a statement saying that there is a policy limiting gift card purchases using a credit card. They then apologized to Zendaya for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Vons also said in their statement that their company respects the voice of Zendaya and they are committed to diversity and inclusion. It is unclear if the clerk faced disciplinary actions.