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  • Zendaya downplays Odell Beckham Jr. dating rumors, says he is still ‘auditioning’ to date her

Zendaya downplays Odell Beckham Jr. dating rumors, says he is still ‘auditioning’ to date her

26 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr . were spotted together at a 2016 Grammys after party a few weeks ago and the rumor mill started saying that the two were dating but the actress says that is not the case.

According to the father of Zendaya , Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who was with his daughter and Beckham during their night out, the two are not yet in a relationship. Coleman said, "What relationship? We're just friends. If you see my daughter out on a date without me, it's a relationship. It's like an audition… it's an interview."

The 19-year-old singer then seconded the comments of her father about the real score between her and 23-year-old New York Giants player as she sat down for an interview with 92.3 Amp radio this Thursday. She shared, "Here's the thing, a couple of things, first of all it wasn't really a date. We went to some events together, because we're friends. We were with a group, we were with multiple people. I was with my stylist and everything like that."

She also pointed out that there will not be a romantic relationship between them unless her dad approves. She added, “Here's the thing: Even if it does progress, you gotta go through my dad first. He’s auditioning. Auditioning.”

Photos of the two started to surface on the internet. Zendaya sported a black outfit and paired it with strap-on lengthy sandals. Beckham, on the other hand, wore a long top over white jeans and a jacket.

Beckham has not yet commented on the latest statements of Zendaya .