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Zoe Saldana believes Donald Trump was bullied by Hollywood during election

15 January 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Zoe Saldana is separating herself from what most of the Hollywood actors and actresses have been saying about president-elect Donald Trump as she said in a recent statement that she believes the real estate mogul was bullied by Hollywood.

The statement of Saldana came days after Trump gave his first press conference for the year wherein he reiterated that he will not be releasing his tax returns as he believes that the media is the only one interested in seeing such information and not the Americans.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star said in a statement to AFP that she feels Trump won because of the bullies who insulted him during his campaign. She noted, "We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies."

The 38-year-old added that by calling out Trump about his wrongdoings , empathy was created by a big group of people in the United States and many of them also believed his promises. The actress added, "I'm learning from (Trump's victory) with a lot of humility. If we have people continue to be strong and educate ourselves and stand by equal rights and treat everyone with respect, we won't go back to those times.”

The statement of Saldana also came after the Golden Globes 2017 and during the annual awards event, Meryl Streep attacked Trump. Saldana took to Twitter to thank Streep for her speech at the awards night.

Trump will officially become the new president of the United States on January 20.

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