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Zoe Saldana welcomed third baby, many are asking if she opted for surrogacy or adopted

20 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Zoe Saldana was a mother-of-two, who are twin baby boys, and it was confirmed just recently she welcomed her third baby, another son.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actress named her third child Zen and many fans are asking whether she and her husband decided to try surrogacy or if they adopted. There were no reports in the past about Saldana being pregnant.

The mother-of-three took to Instagram to announce that she and her husband, Marco Perego , have welcomed their third bundle of joy. In the photo posted by the actress, she showed a bird’s eye view shot of her three children. The youngest was on his tummy on the floor while the two older brothers were seated beside him.

In the caption, Saldana wrote, "Marco and I are elated to share the news of the birth of our son Zen. We couldn’t feel more blessed with the new addition to our family. # threeboys … oh boy!" It was not clear when Saldana gave birth or if they opted for another way of having a baby. Her twin babies, Bowie and Cy, were born in 2014. Saldana and Perego have been married since 2013.

Many fans are asking if she and Perego had a surrogate mother carry their child for them or if Zen is adopted. She never showed signs of being pregnant in the recent months and was not photographed having a baby bump. She did not release any statement regarding the question that many are asking.

More on their first children, Saldana , who is Dominican and Puerto Rican, and her husband being Italian, said they speak to their kids about their heritage. She said in a Rose Roundtable discussion it is necessary for them to raise their kids with their roots so they can communicate with their grandparents.

During the first pregnancy of Saldana , she said she gained a lot of weight. After giving birth, the actress experienced struggles to lose the baby weight. She took to her Facebook account to say she had to work with a trainer to get back into shape for her upcoming movie roles. The actress noted in her post the process of losing her weight was slow, painful, and frustrating.

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