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Hailey Baldwin’s father says daughter and JB are just friends

18 January 2016 Entertainment News News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been creating a buzz as of late after their hot photos while vacationing in St. Barts were uploaded on Instagram but the father of the model said that the two are just friends.

Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin’s father, was at the LAX airport last January 16, 2016 and when asked if he approves of Bieber, he said “Absolutely.” However, he did clarify that the two have no label in the relationship of Hailey and Bieber as they are just friends.

Stephen also had a few good things to say about Bieber as he said, “Mr. Bieber is a wonderful young man, hugely talented, he’s got a whole lot more success ahead of him.”

The paparazzo also asked about the possibility that his daughter and Bieber will get married one day. He asked Stephen if Bieber has to be traditional in doing so and the former gave a chuckle noting, “We’re far away from that.”

Hailey and Bieber have been very close friends since they were young and have been constantly in the rumor mill of being romantically linked. The two were seen locking lips in one of the photos uploaded by the “What Do You Mean” crooner but they have not officially announced that they are exclusive and are dating.

A source said, “Hailey and Justin have a very tight relationship. They both are very close with each other’s families and care very deeply about each other. Hailey’s family has been there and supported Justin through his transition so Justin has a strong respect for them. Both of their families love them together.”

However, other reports have surfaced saying that Hailey’s uncle, Alec Baldwin, is not a fan of the two being a couple. An insider said, “He (Justin) has improved drastically and her (Hailey) father is a fan of Justin, but she has warned him that he doesn’t want the ire of her uncle (Alec). Alec would shut down the relationship real fast if Justin ever does anything stupid in the future. He is really looking out for her best interests.”