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Ashleigh Whitfield

8 August 2012 Presenters

Ashleigh Whitfield

Ashleigh Whitfield

Ashleigh won her first job (yes you read right) in a ‘Radio Stars’ competition back in 2001.  She became the ‘Traffic and Travel Reporter’ for Century FM, before jumping ship to Metro Radio and the Magic Network.  From there, she joined the Breakfast Show at 103.4 Sun FM with Simon Grundy, before moving to lunchtime in 2006 to present her own show.  Not content with 6 radio shows a week, she also presented Saturday afternoons at TFM Radio.

During her years up north, she became the voice of Empire Cinema before the films started, wrote a showbiz column for Sunderland’s Street Magazine and hosted hundred’s of bar openings, restaurant openings (her favourite…) and Sunderland’s Number 1 talent competition.

But, after 8 years in the business, it was time for a change and after applying for work as a Continuity Announcer for Red Bee Media, Ashleigh suddenly found herself introducing The Apprentice, Top Gear and Snog Marry Avoid on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3.

Ashleigh’ still a Continuity Announcer and can be heard regularly on the beeb… However she is also now our very own ‘Girl About Town’ presenting her own show on MySocialRadio.com