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Public File

Updated: 21st August 2012

At this time, My Social Radio is an Internet Only Radio Station.

Unlike terrestrial radio stations which are governed in the United Kingdom by OfCom, My Social Radio is not required by law to adhere to the same policies and procedures. However under our own code of conduct, ethics and morals we do believe in following the same strict disciplines that Ofcom require all commercial radio stations in the UK to adhere to.

This includes fulfilling certain criteria, with respect to the amount of music we play and our speech output. This is called the ‘Format’ and this Public File is our way of helping you understand how we meet these requirements.

A hard copy of the Public File is also available on request in writing. Any comments on the file can be made to us in writing.

News bulletins
National and International news headline bulletins are broadcast hourly.

News Team
If you have any queries about our news, or you think you’ve got an interesting story to tell us about, please get in touch through this online form.


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Automation & Local Programming

We’re very proud of the fact that most of our programmes are presented and produced from our own on air radio studios – unless, of course, we’re out and about broadcasting from a event.

Occasionally, it is necessary to pre-record some programmes at My Social Radio – though it’s unlikely you’ll notice this happen. All our weekday daytime programmes are overseen by a presenter or producer, while some of our off-peak shows are automated. As audience interactivity is so important to us, please bare in mind when calling/receiving a call from the studio that we may record any phone conversation for use on-air.

Our Music

To give you an idea of the songs we play, click here to see the play-list search section of our website.

How to contact us

You can see our contact details by clicking here.

How to Complain

If you have cause to complain about MySocialRadio.com, for example, something you have heard – an advertisement or news story – in the first instance, please get in touch.

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